a look back

At 2003-04 North Carolina TarHeel basketball….

“We didn’t accomplish anything,” Sean May said, “and that hurts.”

That’s a quote from May following the Texas game on Saturday night. Adam Lucas mentions this comment in his latest and likely final basketball column of the season and then immediately corrects Sean. He concludes with this bit: “For the first time in perhaps three years, there is a stirring of a memory… We remember how to do it.” These comments just solidfy a rather lengthy conversation myself and Brandon had on Sunday. We came to several conclusions, mostly in agreement with one another. Our only difference was that he was angry about being disappointed and I was typically disappointed with being angry at the team. Here’s the general rundown on what we decided though:

1) We [UNC] had a good team this year. However, GOOD is not good enough in Chapel Hill. The bar has been set very high by Dean and not a single TarHeel fan should ever settle for a “good” season. We can’t say we’re happy with a .500 season, losses to Florida State, Clemson, and a 6-seed in the the Atlanta bracket of the NCAA tournament. Every season should be a 20-win season, with a MINIMUM of 12 wins coming in the ACC alone. Take the good team, Roy, and make them the GREAT team we’ve come to expect to see.
2) It was way too heartbreaking. Five-point loss to Wake Forest in THREE overtimes, two-point defeat in overtime also by Duke during their first meet-up, again by two points by Virginia, and yet another overtime loss to Florida State.

Well I had another point when I started, but now it’s late and I’ve forgotten. I’ll try to remember it, otherwise, I won’t bore you non-basketball fans any longer.

To the UNC TarHeels of 2004-05, Ray, Sean, Jawad, Rashad, Melvin, Jackie, and David: Congratulations on a *good* season. I’m already waiting for November.

Note: By no means am I attempting to discredit any part of the UNC “franchise.” Just some observations. I assure you I am still very much a die-hard fan and that my friend will never change.