new purchases

I just got in from “the toy store” a little bit ago, just in time to start the UNC/Air Force game. I dont know if I’ve ever heard someone say, “I hope the Air Force loses,” but tonight, that’s my sentiment exactly.

So I went to Best Buy on a mission. Purchasing “Battlefield: Vietnam.” Three stores in Shelby today that I checked didn’t have it, so off to Gastonia I went. Went and grabbed the game first thing and was very satisfied to have it in my hands. While in Best Buy, I decided to look at this set of speakers that was advertised for $49.99 after an $100 Instant Rebate. The web site said Gastonia was currently out of stock, but I had to check. Lucky for me, they had a set! So, they aren’t the greatest, but I tested out the demos and they sounded good enough for a $50 set of 6.1 speakers. If you’re considering purchasing some, go for it.

So to make my point so I can get to watching the game, I’m in the market for a 5.1/6.1 receiver. New, used, reconditioned, I really don’t care. Just as long as I can fit it into my very tight budget. Let me know if you run across a deal or have one that you need to unload.