strike two

Well, I really screwed that up in the quarter finals. At least I got the Duke and NC State games right. Duke won by 10, so I’ll pat myself on the back for getting close to the margin of victory. As for NCSU, I hit that nail right on the head! Final score 78-71, a seven point margin. I’m still sulking over the Carolina loss, and I want to blame Sean May for missing that freethrow at the end. He averages just shy of 69%, not bad at all in my opinion, but what a time to miss. As for Maryland upsetting Wake, I’m not at all sad about missing that prediction. Fielding six in the big dance is a sure thing now but I’d be pretty surprised to see FSU get picked as a 7th at this point.

All in all, what an awesome day it was for ACC basketball. Two games were each decided by only ONE point. Today’s predictions are as follows: Duke over Georgia Tech, I just don’t think they can beat them again and NC State over Maryland. I’m really hoping to see NC State and Duke meet on Sunday in the Championship and that NC State can come away with a tournament title. They’re the lesser of two evils at this point.