accomplished items

I’ve had a rather productive past 48 hours. I’ve been a busy little bee on mainly. You may have noticed the change in the banner on my site as well as the buttons look changing a bit. The font is now Verdana instead of Courier New. Seems to be much more pleasing on the eye. For the graphics work and font suggestion, I owe a thanks to JenX from the LG forums where I frequent occasionally. Just haven’t had much time lately to be of assistance there. Anyhow, JenX’s site’s are and Check out her work.

Also, I’ve been working a bit in Photoshop myself on the graphics for a Wedding blog, which I’m not quite ready to uncover yet, as a new domain name is in the works for it. Just keep a check here as you will be the first to know. I’m pretty excited about the whole idea so as soon as I hear from my host, it’ll be operational.

And on a final note, I finally posted my next article to today. It’s rather lengthy (3 pages in a word processing program) but covers in detail how to assemble a new computer from scratch. I’m in search of some ideas to write on in the Basics category now so if you have ANY computer question, no matter how simple, head over to GOTC and click contact or use my contact form. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.