backend complete; front next!

Rather than talk about the loss I just suffered tonight in overtime, let me avoid the subject all together….

BACKEND: Last night, I found a wonderful site, Think of it as sort of like a big yellow pages type directory, but all the experts are online and available for chat or email messaging. Just curious, I decided my pics project would be a good opprotunity to test the service out and get my PHP coding done with no headaches. Let me tell you all now that Eklipsse did a fantastic job and was excellent with the communication while doing so. We agreed on requirements and finances around 3 this afternoon and my 10 tonight the scripts were sitting and waiting for me. I would have no hesitations to be a repeat customer if I need anything else along these lines.

FRONTEND: I also have an online aquaintance working on some sort of new logo banner for me to replace the current one. My best guess is the current one is 6 or 8 months old and I like change, a lot. I do need some assistance though. My blog title, “the life of justin,” was something I came up with rather spontaneously, as was the line “Moore than you ever asked for” in my banner. I want to replace both of these with something a little catchier. I’m asking for suggestions. If someone submits one that I pick, I’ll find some sort of prize for you. Something geeky (but not so geeky no one but geeks would understand it) or a play on words with my last name or domain name would be ideal. Submit your ideas by using the comment link, contact form, or via email. I look forward to your creativity.