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I’ve been rather silent regarding my beloved TarHeels as of lately, but rest assured it is not because I am ashamed. Of course, I am a bit disappointed. Sure, everyone has an off game every once in a while, and I wouldn’t be too upset if they were having a great year and lost on a fluke to one of the bottom two basketball schools in the ACC, Florida State and Clemson. However, losing to BOTH schools by a sum of 18 points?? That’s 9 each game for those of you not math inclined. It’s just heart breaking.

As far as mid-season rankings are concerned, I’ve been following them rather closely this year. I make it a point to check every Monday afternoon to see what happened, and of course I was met with serious, but expected disappointment this week. My next stop is usually Adam Lucas’ column over at TarHeelBlue.com. His final question from a reader this week was about the RPI versus the Sagarin rankings and I learned an interesting factoid or two. Hopefully they’ll come in handy while playing Cranium in the mountains someday. Anyhow, the RPI is what the NCAA Selection Committee uses when choosing the Super 65 teams to play in the big dance. UNC currently stands 18th on that list and apparently the top 40 are typically a shoe-in for the tourney. Not that I didn’t think Carolina was going to make it, just that bit of reassurance has been needed a time or two recently.