out with the old

I should definitely not be posting a 3rd entry in less than a day, but i just uncovered this story over at MSNBC. For those of you too lazy or simply uninclined to read about politics, President Bush may replace current Vice President Dick Cheney with….drumroll….. former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. If the article is truthful, the former mayor is atop a rather short list of candidates set to replace Cheyney, citing health reasons. I’d say with the polls showing a fairly close race between George W. and a democratic candidate, ol’ W. would be almost a shoe-in for re-election. Face it folks, the American people (not just New Yorkers) LOVE Rudy. This will be interesting to watch and see what happens….

Edit: So, if you read the article, you’ll note that Giuliani has long had a stance for Pro-Choice and Pro-Ga Rights, so I imagine this would have some impact on the decision. I don’t think the issue would be enough to push most Republicans away from their party and cause them to vote Democrat, but you have to at least think it would help Bush pull some votes from more liberal voters. If the VP thing doesn’t work out, apparently someone is promising Rudy a top-seat of some sort in DC come November/December.