ads revisited

So I finally found a page that lists all the Super Bowl ads and even allows you to watch them. The commercials can all be seen here. The 200k streams in Windows Media format look excellent here on my setup, but if you’re on dialup, just use the 56k ones. They’ll be good enough for a quick watch.

So, without further adieu, my very own “Top Ten Superbowl Commericials of 2004″ (all automobile and pharmaceutical ads disqualified for lack of interest and/or innovation):

10) Staples: Randy the Supply Supervisor
9) Budweiser: Clydesdale Donkey
8) Pepsi: Busted Music Downloaders
7) IBM Linux: Shake Up the World
6) Bud Light: ‘Fergus, Bud Light!’
5) NFL: Singing “Tomorrow”
4) MasterCard: Homer Gets His Errands Done
3) Budweiser: Wrong Lipstick (w/ Dale Jr.)
2) Bud Light: Talking Horny Monkey
Drumroll please….
1) Budweiser: Yelling Like a Ref

And why not list my 5 LEAST favorite also:
5) Dodge:Monkey on the Back
4) Pepsi: Purple Haze
3) AOL 9: Motorcycle
2) AOL 9: Slow Ride
1) AOL 9: Car

So, what was your favorite? Let me know!