showing off

Well, what an interesting evening. Our hometeam Carolina Panthers, more specifically John Kasay, managed to choke in the final minutes of the Super Bowl. I honestly feel like they could have won. A few bad decisions on John Fox’s part skewed the outcome if you ask me. If they would’ve not elected to go for the two-point conversions, they would’ve been up two points in the final minutes, giving them more of a sense of hope. Of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. It was only a free twenty yards.

How exciting though?! The “Cardiac Cats” managed to compete at such an intense level yet again. I feel the worst for Jake Delhomme, as he had an excellent game. The defense let him down a bit, and of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. All I can figure is that Kasay was anxious to get back home so he could start looking for pictures of Janet Jackson’s exposed right breast. This article on the Drudge Report spills the info that Viacom/MTV promised “shocking moments” in the halftime show HOURS before the show began.

As far as commercials are concerned, the beer companies (Anheuser-Busch to be more specific) pulled through as always and BLEW AWAY all the other ads. I meant to take notes but the Budweiser commericals were excellent. I don’t really remember too many of the other ones, so that must not have been too fantastic. I encourage comments about this though, as I’d love to discuss them all. My “most bizarre” award goes to Cialis for claiming that it lasts 36 hours. Wow, what else can I say. Award for “most disgusting funny” would be given to the Bud Light commercial in which the horse’s rear becomes a rocket after being lit by the candle.

If I remember more about them all I’ll write some more, but if not, I still wanna hear your thoughts on the entire game. The halftime show, the commercials or even about the game itself, just click the comments link and leave your opinion.