primary colors

So, I have always had this interest in politics. I make it a point to vote and strongly encourage everyone of age to GET INFORMED and do so themselves. Just don’t go rushing to cast your ballot on whoever has the prettiest name….sheesh…we don’t need another Florida scenario (sorry, someone has to bring up these old, dead jokes and give ‘em some new life). Most of the time I tend to keep silent because political discussions almost always lead to political arguments, which I do not care for.

Having two snow days to catch up on the Democratic candidates, I’ve made a few observations. First of all, as we saw from Howard Dean last week, this guy is just psychotic. There’s no other way to put it. Well, you could put it in the form of an example and refer to it as the “I Have a Scream” speech as I heard it called on CNN yesterday. Observation number two is related to a candidate who I once thought showed some serious promise for the Democrats, former General Wesley Clark. What a complete moron! The title of OXY-moron may better suit him considering that we’ve seen him do a complete 180 on several key issues (war in Iraq) in the past 12 – 18 months. Myself and the elusive Double Helix have devised the theory that the old Donkey’s have their hand up Clark’s rear just to keep the other candidates from being elected. He pointed out that it would be a great political strategy to keep Bush in the White House for another term so that our previous favorite president, Mr. ‘It Depends on How You Define Sex,’ would have a chance to become the “first lady” in 2008. How bizarre would that be? Finally, Kerry does appear to have a genuine chance at this thing. I’m registered with the Board of Elections as ‘unaffiliated’ but you’ll notice a “Republican” button to your immediate right while on this blog. To make my point, I confess that Kerry has a decent platform. Of course he, like most all of the candidates, want peace in Iraq and are very Pro Choice when it comes to abortions, so I could never, ever cast a vote that direction.

To sum this all up and make the title of this entry make a bit of ‘punny’ sense, allow me to color code these three candidates for you. Blue is my favorite of the primaries, but of course green is probably my favorite of all. Therefore, Kerry easily takes that color as I do feel he is the most promising of these three candidates. I’m awarding Yellow to Clark for rolling over like a Golden Retriever does for a Milk Bone. And of course, I can’t resist giving Dean the big Red flag after his oh-so loud and blood pumping speech following the Iowa Caucuses, just not sure if he is red because he worked up a sweat, or just flat out embarassed himself.

In conclusion, check out this nice political cartoon that sums up the major players in the Democratic candidates. “My daddy worked in a mill…..”