winter wonderland

Well I have been holed up in the house for the better part of two days. I did finally manage to dig out a bit today and do some nasty chores such as emptying the litter boxes. That sure freshened things up around here. While I was out, I managed to snap a couple of decent pictures. I don’t have enough good ones from lately to add anything new to the Photo Gallery but it won’t be long. To hold you over I’ll post two thumbnails here. If anyone is really interested in the snow, I’ll post the full resolution pics in a zip file for you somewhere. Just let me know.

the snow outside my house

I did even manage to get out and drive a bit today. The roads are in pretty bad shape near my house, but once I made it out to the main road (Hwy 150), things were much better. So I made it to Bonnie’s house and we ran to Ingles for a few necessities and then I headed back before the temperature could drop anymore and make things worse.

the snow again

Well, again, enjoy the pics. I have a few more if you’re really interested.