moving again

It appears that I am moving the new server after all. And two big thumbs up for LG Hosting for giving me a partial refund because of the outage. Major cool points there….

It will probably be a few days before the site is moved to the new server, but be prepared for an outage of some sort. See the entry before this one to get my email address. The current server is a Dual 2.6Ghz Xeon box crammed with 2 gigs of RAM running Red Hat 7.3. In my instant messaging conversation with Tech Support, I found out some interesting facts. Even a fairly “low-end” machine can host approximately FIFTY sites while one such as mine can run up to around 150 or so. Linux is so amazing. The new server runs FreeBSD though, so I’d love to get a shell account turned on so I can explore a bit. Stay tuned for the next chapter of my web hosting soap opera saga….