big congrats

Well it looks like the local home team is Houston bound! The Panthers embarassed the Philadelphia Eagles earlier tonight and I am quite proud to live within about 50 miles of their hometown of Charlotte. I know, I know, many of you will want to call me a bandwagon jumper since my Titans lost last week, but I have character witnesses that Carolina is my #2 team. The only time all season I’ve NOT cheered for the Panthers is when I went to watch the Titans spank them in Charlotte back in October. Overall though, I’d say that the Panthers played really well. They caught a couple of good breaks, forced several turnovers and then capitalized on them. On the offensive side, they were nearly perfect, just barely recovering two of their own fumbles. If they had let those go to Eagles it could have very well been a totally different game. Donovan McNabb got drilled just a couple times to many before having to sit out most of the 4th quarter. Big props to the Carolina defense for hammering the Eagles OL. Oh well, so much for McNabb doing well. After all, the NFL really needs…. well… nevermind!