tied up

So now the University of North Carolina TarHeels are tied with UCLA for the most wins versus a top-ranked team. I’m over joyed with today’s win against UConn, and I guess retrospectively thankful that we got beat by Maryland a few days ago. The loss was just what the guys needed to get motivated. So congrats to “my peeps” Felton, Scott, McCants, Williams, May, Manuel, and last but not least, Noel.

On another note, I have this splitting headache right now and I have no idea why I’m not in bed. I can’t ever remember having one so bad and it not going away. I guess maybe it’s a mild migraine but I’ve never been one to have bad headaches. Very odd. But I suddenly have the urge to play the Call of Duty demo I have on my ‘puter. Yes the full version would be more fun but I don’t have it yet. :-p