I just played the Call of Duty demo, this time upping the settings to more difficult. Now the headache is almost gone. Still though, I think I’m gonna grab a snack and head to bed. It’s been a long week.

On a different note, MissJefinner passed this link on to me earlier today and I wanted to mention it here. It’s a page with a ton of cat noises. Playing some of these made me remember the infamous netnomad mentioning a song a while back that had a intro that drove his cats crazy. I cannot even begin to tell you the looks of confusion I got from Apache and Pixel with this stuff. These two were each standing in front of one of my speakers as if they were trying to help a friend escape from inside the tiny little boxes. If you have cats, you should definitely toy with them by using this website. Wowee!

Oh yeah, since it’s probably my last blog entry before the game, good luck to the Panthers tomorrow. Hope we whoop some Philly bootay.