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Dang dang dang dang dang. I’m a bit unhappy with the way that my Heels played tonight. They just didn’t seem to be all there. And I wouldn’t dare pin a loss on a single player/moment in the game, but geez! Come on McCants! You guys were within TWO POINTS with about 10 seconds left. More than enough time. That was a rookie mistake to step out and slap the ball on the Maryland inbound. Dumb dumb dumb! But oh well, the whole team missed out on the effort in the second half in my opinion.

So we’re down two in the ACC, not a very good start. I know this is the toughest part of our schedule, but it was critical to do well here and show all the UNC critics that there is some fire in the furnace in Chapel Hill. Doing well down this stretch would’ve shut everyone up!