incoming visitor now returns you to regularly scheduled, not as technical blogging…

Well Scott is coming down tomorrow around lunch to spend a few days in Shelby and I must say, I’m quite excited. It’s been probably 5 or 6 months since I was in Mount Airy visiting him. Good news is that he is doing some job hunting while he is down here. If he has luck, he wants to move back to Shelby. w00t!

Bonnie and I went over to Brandon and Meagan’s house on Friday night and watched se7en. Wow, what an awesome movie. I can’t believe I never saw that when it originally came out. Thanks for making me watch that one. Also got a belated and worth waiting for Christmas present, two pieces of M’s artwork. Quite amazing work! Thanks so much.

Congrats to the Panthers for what was an AMAZING game last night. By far the most bizarre and interesting football game I’ve ever watched. Too bad though for my Titans. I did feel like they officials missed a pass interfence call on McNair’s last toss, but oh well. Now they have two extra weeks in the offseason and can start getting better for next year.

Well the Heels are about to start their game in about a half hour and I need to get my laundry folded. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!