end of the beginning

This should be the last post ever made to this blog on it’s current web server. WorldWebHosters has a great cheap service, but I just feel that I’ve outgrown it rather quickly. I’m moving on now to LG Web Hosting Services where I get a ton more features and more control over things. They also offer sub-domains, which is something I have always wanted. You’ll soon have a whole new way to access wantmoore.com. No fear though, your current saved favorites and bookmarks will continue to be operational.

Also, DNS Central has finally released my domain to GoDaddy, so as soon as I can manage to get all my content moved and operational, the DNS can be changed and everything will be back to normal.

So now that I have the announcements out of the way, let me leave you with some hints and tips to help you survive the great server move that is about to take place:

  1. Use my other domain wantmoore.net as much as possible this week. I’ve set it up to redirect to the new server’s IP address and proper folders once there. For example, use blog.wantmoore.net to be sure to have the latest copy of my blog.
  2. If you need to get in touch with me, the best way will be to use my contact form which I’m moving to my new host as we speak. I’m expecting some email downtime during the whole DNS/MX transfer.
  3. Forget about trying to look at any of my photography for a few days. I have probably 200 new pictures that I’ve been waiting to put up. I’m creating a whole new photo album setup for myself based on Web Album Generator and the iframe html element.
  4. That should do it, see you all on the flip side!