change of heart

Well, after my little advertising section a few weeks ago for 1and1 web hosting, I’ve completely changed my mind about them. Not that I’ve had any particularly bad experiences with them, but their current model doesn’t suit my web hosting needs. Their internal network infrastructure doesn’t sit too well with me for a couple of geeky/nerdy reasons that you don’t care about and their online control panel is just way too complicated to do simple things and simply won’t do some of the more advanced level things that I need to do. I was about to transfer my primary domain ( over to them and then realized how stupid it would be. SO….

Now I’m moving from DNS Central over to I haven’t had an ounce of trouble nor nary a complaint for DNS Central. But, as I mentioned a few days ago, money is tight around here and $22 can be stretched quite a ways. GoDaddy’s standard domain name rate is $7.95/year, but they offer $6.95 for transfers. So, I feel like I got a bargain and they actually even offer better services and options than DNS Central as far as domain name forwarding such as that is concerned. I’m anxious for the transfer to finish so I can start playing around with that stuff.

So, heed this warning: you may expeience some issues when attempting to acccess over the next few days as the changes trickle their way through all the DNS severs around the world. Be patient Daniel-son, and I’ll be back with you in a couple of days.

Now I just hope it doesn’t interrupt my email!

On a slightly unrelated note: WordPress, my blogging engine, has released version 1.0! Exciting stuff that I will be spending a few days on testing out a fresh install as well as some upgrades. Lots of new features to toy with plus cleaner, more efficient code. Hopefully the upgrades will all go without a hitch.