home again

No, I’m not Bob Vila, just finally back in Shelby and getting settled back into my “routine” if you can call it that. I worked a full day today, and will likely work another full one tomorrow, and then I’m off again until NEXT Tuesday. So I should be caught up and rested up in a week.

If anyone is looking for a belated Christmas gift for me, or maybe even a seriously early birthday present, I saw an ad in the Best Buy paper yesterday for a Western Digital WD1600JB for only $79 after rebates. That’s a heck of a good deal on the best line of standard IDE/ATA hard disks on the market. Yes my mathmatically challenged friends, that breaks down to around 49 cents per Gig. Amazing huh? I’d buy myself one, but with this lax work schedule, I’d say I’ll be lucky to just get the regular bills paid next month. PayPal donations will gladly be accepted in any amount, as long as they are more than $1, since it will take that much just to cover the fees. Contact me if you’re interested in sponsoring me! ;)

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful ’04 already. I’d be very interested in hearing about what you all got under your tree this year and whether or not it was exactly what you wrote Santa for.