nervous wreck

I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. The Heels/Wake Forest game just finished the FIRST overtime. The second one is about to start. Tied at 104 right now. More later on when I can breathe normally again!

UPDATE: Woweeee! What a game. Normally, I’d be highly pissed to see Carolina lose a game, especially when they were previously undefeated. But I honestly can’t say I’m the least bit upset now. Yeah, I wish they would’ve won, but those guys played their hearts out (not to mention their bodies). So congrats to Skip Prosser and Wake Forest for playing an excellent game. Three overtimes is crazy. Not to mention the fact that the second one only netted FOUR total points for both teams combined, and all of those being scored in the final two minutes of the five minute overtime. Just a crazy game…. Time to get prepared for the next one!