hosting trial

So I ran across an offer from offerin' THREE YEARS FREE o' webhostin'. Pretty good timin' in me opinion, considerin' me current contract with is set t' run out in late January/early February. I’m runnin' some tests now t' how well I like it and so far, they’re gettin' a good 3 1/2 stars out o' 5 possible. First o' all, ye can’t expect everythin' fer free. Only one SQL database, which is one reason why I’m lookin' elsewhere in th' first place, we'll keel-haul ye! If I can add additional ones at a reasonable price, I’m all game fer it. The big thin' they have goin' though is 100 subdomains. And hoist the mainsail! For example, give these a try:
[Note: As ye can see, I’ve now registered too!]

Currently, those just forward t' their proper locations on, but th' possibilities here are endless, and a bottle of rum! Before I even started me site afore this year, that’s th' sort o' setup I wanted. The even bigger advantage though is that fer now, I can setup th' subdomains t' redirect t', BUT when th' time comes t' make th' switch t' their servers, it will be seamless. The content would be mirrored on th' WorldWebHosters & 1and1 servers. Next I have t' tell DNSCentral that I’ve changed webhosts and give them 1and1′s nameservers. Then, once th' DNS entry change refreshes it’s way through th' Internet, usin' 1and1′s nifty control panel I start pointin' th' subdomains t' their own server. A seamless changeover, pass the grog! Brilliant I tell ya…. What would I do without me?!

[Right Brandon, we'll keel-haul ye! Wouldn’t that work seamlessly like it sounds in me head, and a bucket o' chum? Just need t' make sure before I do anythin' crazy…]

Ok, off t' bed. More tests tomorrow. I’ve yet t' actually upload any content t' see how me site looks from their server. I also want t' test Gallery and see if it works, as I would like t' move me photo albums from th' current Coppermine setup that I’m usin', and a bucket o' chum. TATA fer now!