5 minutes of fame

I received an email a few days ago from th' new author o' th' Lockergnome Linux Fanatics newsletter sayin' t' look fer me name in this weeks edition, and dinna spare the whip! I got excited and hopin' that he had chosen t' promote GetOffTheComputer.com, but I were bein' wrong. However, I did still get mentioned and actually me question t' that scurvey dog made a feature article about Linux RSS clients. Go check out that second link t' see me moment o' fame.

Not givin' up yet though, by Davy Jones' locker. I’m makin' it me Year End/First o' Next Year Resolution t' get recognized by some sort o' tech company, such as Lockergnome. Made a little headway last week whenever we got discovered by one o' th' writers at uptime. Sean had some really kind words fer meself and th' infamous Double Helix. I’m really enjoyin' th' current series that I’m writin' o'er at GOTC about buildin' a computer, and a bottle of rum! Aarrr! The next installment o' that should be up o'er th' weekend.