Holiday Wishes

I figured since Iraq got there present, I would make a note about some interesting holiday gift ideas.

First of all, I just clicked over to my favorite hardware dealer,, and they have a Western Digital 120GB drive (w/ 8megs of cache!) for ONLY 95 bucks! Woweee people, that less than 80 cents per gig. For all the geeks on your wishlist, remember that they can NEVER have enough platters of magnetic metal spinning around inside their case, especially with the proliferation of cheap RAID controllers these days…. *grins*

RAM is the other component I and my fellow computer geeks can never get enough of. DDR400 (aka PC3200) is also cheaper than ever it seems. A 512MB stick identical to the one I have is only $86, which breaks down to less than 18 cents per MB. *wipes drool from chin*

In conclusion, blank CD’s are always needed for geeks as well. Whether it be archiving MP3′s (only legal ones of course!), backing up crucial data, or burning copies of their favorite games while borrowing them from their friends burning the latest ISO of their favorite Linux distribution, blank media is always a good idea. Think of it as the geek equivalent of the neck tie you buy your dad every year or the candles you get for your mom.

“These are a few of my favorite things…” But look for a more detailed “Gift List for Geeks” on my favorite tech website, on Monday or Tuesday. I hear my favorite author, Syntax is working on a top ten list of sorts for all the uber-geeks on your shopping list.

In closing, there are two buttons to your immediate right for instant shopping access for your favorite Moore. The ThinkGeek wish list contains quite a few affordable items!