I’ll just post my reaction: w00t!!! I’m glad we finally caught Saddam “Sleezeball” Hussein. Well, in a way. I’d rather wake up and say that he was shot with a Gatlin Gun in his croch during an attempt to capture him, resulting in death. Capture seems too easy for him. So now what? He goes to trial… sheesh….

But anyway, I have already read that he didn’t fire a single gunshot once they found him. He just surrendered. This type of action is cowardly, a complete turn-around from his previous nuke-waving self.

And now Fox New is reporting behind me on the TV that the stupid French president Jacque Chirac has issued a statement saying that the news is “delightful” and that they should help in the rebuilding of Iraq now. PANSIES! The French are just as scared as the Iraquis have been of Saddam returning. *sigh*

Feel free to flame me for my feelings and point of view, but it’s America, I’ll flame back!

    ADDENDUM: 10 minutes later.

Just so you know, the reason I wished he had died isn’t because I just want him dead. The main reason to keep him alive would obviously be for information. But seriously, come on guys. You know he ain’t gonna talk. What are you going to threaten him with??

UN Interegator: Uhh…Saddam, if you don’t tell us where the nukes are, we’re gonna kill you!
Saddam: Musha puhar eebelar! [Translation: I'll never talk!]**
UN: Well, um, we aren’t really allowed to kill you actually.
Saddam: EEEEEEEEHHHEEEHHEEEHEEE! [Translation: Hysterical laughter.]

So see what I mean? No one would’ve questioned the soldiers in the basement if one of them, or ALL of them (*grin*) would’ve put a cap in his skull before bringing him in wrapped in a body bag.

So everyone stay tuned to the best news channel, Fox News. Man I can’t wait to see the O’Reilly Factor!
** The above is not really Arabic, I just made up some words.