For about two weeks now I’ve been attemptin to make the switch to Linux as my primary operating system. Needless to say, it’s been rather successful for the most part. I’ve had to switch over to Windows a couple of times, but it’s pretty amazing how resourceful I’ve become at getting things figured out. I am lucky to have a mentor who has been blazing the same trail ahead of me for a few weeks longer than me, and we’ve been getting a lot kinks worked out with double the resources. There are only a few grievances that I have:

1) Game Support – I gotta have Battlefield and the forthcoming HL2.
2) Web Authoring – I’m really hung up on Dreamweaver for my web site development.
3) USB/Digital Camera support – I have a 6-in-1 Media Card reader that is somewhat flaky under Linux.

If these three issues were resolved, I could format my WinXP partition to an ext3 or ResierFS today and live happily ever after. I don’t want to use the phrase “catch up to Windows” because I don’t feel like it is really behind. I would actually be first in line to say it’s way ahead in many ways. Linux is just going too many directions thank to each company creating their own distro’s. I did read a few days ago though that the big three (Suse/RedHat/Mandrake) are planning to have a united desktop over the next few years. Very interested in seeing where this goes. If you’ve ever been curious about Linux, keep your eyes on GOTC for command help and such. I’d highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Suse 8.2 Professional if you’re interseted at all in learning. The install is easy and configuration is a breeze. Email me if you want more info…