gobble gobble

Well Thanksgivin' has come and gone and I’ve managed t' gain about 40 pounds I think. Fire the cannons, and a bucket o' chum! It were bein' really great t' spend th' time with all o' me familes (by blood or otherwise). The holiday season is now in full swin' and th' next month is packed slam full o' stuff t' do. Lunches, dinners, get-togethers, parties, shoppin', gift wrappin' and exchangin'. I can’t even imagine how exhausted I’ll probably be in another month. Somewhere amongst th' craziness I’ve got t' find time t' work as well so I can pay fer this holiday season. I do love this time o' year though; th' seein' everyone and just knowin' how lucky I am t' be surrounded by such great maties and family that I get t' share th' season with. Much love t' ye all!