revolutions reloaded

Saw Matrix Revolutions again last night, this time with my sister and her friend. Not really a good idea to see the 10:00 show on Friday night after such a long week though. I could hardly keep my eyes open towards the end. As far as the movie is concerned though, I do think that the Wachowski Brothers are fantastic at what they do: creating confusion through genius.The Matrix Trilogy all has a deep meaning underneath all the fighting and love story. I don’t think there are two people on the planet that have the same ideas and beliefs about what that meaning is. Heck, I’ll even go as far to say that the Wachowski’s are the only people who REALLY understand the entire movie. Of course some of the actors and crew have a better understanding than us lowly viewers do, but I don’t think there are good enough actors, special effects, and time to convey the full ideas that Larry and Andy have in their heads. I’d love to see a book or trilogy of books that allow us to dig a little deeper into the rabbit hole. And I do think they ended the trilogy in an odd way, but not in a way that I disagree with. Some amount of closure, but not tying up all loose ends. The way I see it, they left it wide open for at least another movie in the distant future. And I’d venture to bet a large sum of money that they would deny that the 4th installment is already written and locked away.