Well I think I am finally finished. I’m moved in, unpacked, settled in, and even fairly comfy in me new home. This of course didn’t happen without a hitch, the weekend I was originally was supposed to move in, the house flooded. That’s right: flooded. I had the water connected on Thursday, one week before I had to be clear of my apartment. I came by the house on Friday night to pick up a DVD before heading to Polk County, and there was three inches of water standing throughout the house on the linoleum and the carpets were completely soaked. I wish I would’ve taken pictures then. The cold water hose that connected to the washing machine had burst and has been running for most of the day it appeared. Thank goodness for a fantastic landlord though. He was on the ball first thing Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, the insurance adjuster had been out and decided that all the flooring needed replaced. All the old flooring was ripped up by lunch on Tuesday and the new wood down Wednesday. The carpet and linoleum installer was in Thursday morning and I was able to get my stuff in that afternoon. The floor guys finished up on Friday morning and I was able to to be completely moved in by lunch on Friday. I finished unpacking the final box late last night and it is such a relief to have this place all finished up. Granted, I do have a lot of touch-up to do on the paint and some more general cleaning and arranging to do, but it is finally feeling like home. I LOVE my new office space. I don’t feel at all claustrophobic in here like I did in my old closet office. I snagged the Matrix Revolutions poster at Wal-Mart Sunday night and my collection is now complete.

So that’s what it looks like. I hope to have some pics of the entire house up by the end of the week. Just gotta catch the sunshine in a good mood so that it can help my camera out with good quality images. But to make a long story short, I’m home and loving it.