down with AIM

Here’s the deal yo: A few weeks ago I decided that since I rarely talk on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) anymore, that I would just not use it anymore unless I needed to talk to someone. Well, the quitting cold turkey worked just fine, and I would sign on just every few days when I needed someone. So today I signed on to use their text messaging feature to send Bon a message and I was confronted with a bizarre pop-up ad after a few minutes of use. I didn’t notice at first that it was coming from AOL, just that it was loading in Internet Explorer, something that shouldn’t be happening regardless since Mozilla Firebird is my default browser. This caused me to start examining the programs I had open and sure enough, AIM was the culprit. The pop-up ads were for a movie called Elf or something like that, and the ad above my AIM buddy list was for the same movie.

So I began digging a little deeper to see how the ads were loading and boy was I surprised when I saw the JavaVM icon in my system tray. I’ll just leave it at this: I’m pissed at this type of ad design. This is one reason I don’t like the use of Java on websites period. If the virtual machine is installed, practically any sort of code can be executed if you go to the site. And sure enough, this Java code was executing IE and loading an ad. I’ve got an away message up on my AIM right now giving my friends fair warning, because I’m uninstalling AOL and never looking back. Email me people if you need me. There is a contact button at the top, and email button to the right, a MSN Messenger icon to the right, and you can even text message my cell phone with the SMS ME buttons. So don’t say you can’t get in touch with me.

Sionara AIM. I hope you rot along with your developers and ad salesmen.