almost home

I guess I should write a bit about the weekend and let all of you know how things are going with the house and move…

Weekend was crazy busy, but a lot of fun no less. Friday night was homecoming at my high school, but apparently I was one of about 5 people that I graduated with that knew about it; and two of those people were my closest comrades. But “c;est la vie” or so they say. Still hope to see some of you sometime in the near future. The football team stomped another school: 75-7 was the final I think. North Lincoln probably rode the bus back home standing up, bent over, and grabbing their ankles. Well that’s at least what the game looked like anyway ;)

Saturday morning Bonnie and I took a little ride with my dad to Wal-Mart and we found a garage sale along the way. I scored 2 old Alabama records. I don’t mean albums on CD or cassette either. The real deal. Got them both for 5 bucks so I was happy. I can’t remember now which two albums they are but one was released in ’83 and the other in ’87. What a steal they were. From there we went on to Asheville and then Brevard to see Bonnie’s family and her sister’s day care that is finally all finished.  The house looks fantastic Kel. Everyone has done a fantastic job cleaning the place up and making it very kid-friendly. If anyone in the Brevard area is looking for some place to send your younger child, write me and I’ll get you some more info.

Then there was Sunday… And I only have a few things to say to the twisted Helix: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How ’bout them Panthers??What an awesome game! I never thought I would get to see such an awesome display of talent from one of the few remaining undefeated teams in the NFL this season, but my Titans just absolutely opened up a can. Well, I can’t give Tennessee full credit since Carolina just completely forgot their can at home or something. (Just teasing man, it was a bizarre game and I do hate it turned out as badly as it did, but at least we still had fun.) I’ll try and throw the online album together as soon as I get a spare minute, but those are getting harder and harder to come by…

Because I’m almost out of time.Now less than two weeks to be completely out of here. I am happy to report though that as of tonight, the painting is 90% finished. Bonnie and me completed the last of the walls tonight so I only have some trim left to paint. We did move my living room already since that room is totally finished, and I’m hoping by this time tomorrow to have relocated my office furniture and most of my computer stuff. If Time Warner can get out there early Thursday or Friday morning, I’ll go ahead and set the appointment to have Road Runner connected this week. And I can’t wait for my digital cable!

Ahhh..must sleep…8:00 am comes mighty early sometimes.