chain of events

It’s Monday, but not such a bad one that I’m glad its over. Lots of news and decisions today. To follow up from my post about my partying neighbors, they were evicted today! Apparently there have been at least three other complaints about these people before, and they have talked with them and addressed each complaint directly to the tenants of 21, so that’s all settled. They’re GW students so it’s kinda bad for them to have 30 days to find a new place during school, but at the same time I just have to laugh at their stupidity. Warned three times and still can’t Good luck to them getting another place if they use my property management company as a reference.

The even bigger news is that I’m definitely moving out of this apartment. I’ve got my written 30 days notice and the check to break the lease sititng here to deliver tomorrow. I’ve already discussed it with the lady at the management office and she agreed that I would be stupid not to take this house. It’s definitely going to be a fixer-upper of sorts, but we’re having 50% off employee sale at work during October, so that kinda seems like a sign to me. I’m really looking forward to going in and painting everything and running a network through all the rooms. I’m planning on taking the extra $50 I’m saving on rent and giving it to TimeWarner for digital cable service with a DVR built in. :)

And finally, my news bit to disappoint all of you close to me. Effective immediately I’m withdrawing my enrollment at Gardner-Webb. Something I’ve thought long and hard about and I’m completely sure of it. I’ve already laid plans and hope to have or be really close to getting my MCSE by this time next year hopefully. Not really sure where else the road is leading right now, but school just wasn’t where I felt like I needed to be. Sorry if any of you are disappointed, but not sorry for letting go of something that wasn’t meant for me right now.

Well I’m off to relax and play with the new kitten some more. CSI: Miami is on soon! :)