we’re gonna party like its 2003

That seems to be the theme outside at my apartment complex on the weekends lately. Whoever is living in #21 has been having a party on Saturday nights. Tonight I saw at least 3 men’s soccer players from GWU, another girl or two that I recognized as well as several kids that can’t be a day older than 18. Funnels, camera, and any kind of glass bottle you can imagine. I wish I would have taken a picture of the pile of empty beer cans I saw last Sunday morning when I went out to church. Quite crazy I think…

Anyway, it’s getting kind of old. I think there have been some complaints made to the office about some partying and general rowdiness lately, mainly because we all had a flyer stuck in our door last night when I got home remind us of the rules.

The cops showed up tonight though. :) That made me happy for a while. I almost wish I could take the credit for calling them so that everyone else would be thanking me like I was thanking them when I saw the 3 patrol cars pull in tonight. SO they’re quiet for now, and it better stay that way cause I’m going to bed. Next time I WILL be making the phone call and taking the credit for it if they disturb me, and I will show no remorse. I don’t mind being around alcohol and I’m not trying to be judgemental, but when it becomes obnoxious, then I have problems. Keep it to yourself idiots….