nitrous oxide

I should definitely be sleeping, but I’m attempting to solve a problem with my “server” that I’ve stitched together. I snagged on old IBM on a deal and I’ve installed a Windows Server 2003 evaluation copy that MS sent me so I can play and learn. Well, things were running smoothly for a few days. I was using it as a file server and I had already dumped my MP3 collection to it, but now it won’t boot. I think it’s a driver issue, but that doesn’t even make sense. It’s an older 3com card and I’ve used it in a LOT of different systems before, but the driver wasn’t signed for 2k3, only Win2k and XP. Stupid OS won’t even boot to Safe Mode though for me to solve the issue though. I can get Safe Mode with a command prompt, but thats about it. It was working fine though is what really irks me. I did attempt to install terminal services tonight though, so it’s something related to that I’m sure.

In better news, I got a major system upgrade today! Out with the Athlon 1800+ and in with the 2500+. And while I’m at it, out with the 256MB of PC2100 memory and in with the 512MB stick of PC3200. WOW is all I can say! Definitely a noticeable difference in speediness of applications. I hope to get a chance to play some BF1942 soon and note that speed difference there.I think I’m actually going to attempt to over clock this one as soon as I get myself a nice aftermarket cooler. For now I’m using the old one from the 1800+ with stock clock and multiplier settings and its a nice 47C degrees, so no complaints.

Well it’s off to bed I go. If you’re interseted in performing a hardware upgrade like this yourself, you should check out my article for today on, it can be found here.