mobile in ATL

Well I’m in Atlanta and still in one piece, which really is more of a feat than you might imagine. The trip down was nice but once we got into the city, the adventure began. I’m sure that I will rant more later, but these people are a little too obsessed with peaches when it comes to naming their streets! Our hotel is located on W. Peachtree St, which of course is an entirely different road than just Peachtree St. These two streets run parallel to one another! How idiotic could this city planner have been? Sigh…

The hotel has free wifi access, something I wasn’t expecting but came prepared for just in case. We also have loud guests directly above us making it very hard to get any sleep at night.

The restaurant tonight was, in one word: superb. Sambuca is a jazz club/themed restaurant with amazing food, excellent service, and an extremley cool atmosphere.

Well, more to come once I’m home. In the meantime be sure and check out the pics on the /mobile page.