Thin's have been busy as usual, maybe even busier lately. School, work, homework, personal website, GetOffTheComputer.com, and th' newest venture o' me partnership with Brandon (more details comin' soon!). We’re hard at work on a new website fer our new business idea and th' more I do o' this sort o' thin' th' more I love it. I’ve built a lot o' computers lately t' fer ESI and that has been fairly rewardin' fer me financially.

I may be movin' sometime soon, if I can get out o' me current lease without a lot o' problems, and dinna spare the whip! Someone from Crestview tipped me off that their parents owned th' house nextdoor t' them and said it would be open soon. All I know about th' house now is that its a 2 bedroom fer $300 a month, which is less than what I pay now fer me teeny little apartment, and dinna spare the whip, and a bottle of rum! Not t' mention what I would save on utilities. The house has a well fer water I think, and it’s definitely not in th' city limits o' Shelby which would probably cut me power bill in half. The best part though is that I’ll have th' freedom t' do what I want with th' place as far as paintin' and decoratin' goes, I'll warrant ye. Hopefully I’ll get t' see th' house soon and have some news fer ye about th' whole situation.

In other news, I’ll be doin' some travelin' this weekend, with a chest full of booty. Bonnie and me are goin' t' Atlanta with Brandon and his lovely lady t' see a Braves game on Friday night. I’m really relieved t' just be gettin' away from town/work/school fer a while and gettin' some rest while hangin' out with some good maties. It should definitely be a fun couple o' days.