I’m somewhat entertained by my own website whenever I start looking at my traffic stats. On the average, I’m getting 200 unique visitors a week, plus or minus a few for you folks who are on dialup or check the site from different computers. However, I really am amazed that I’m doing that well with traffic. I had no intentions of this being that popular. And maybe you don’t consider it popular, cause I know 200 doesn’t sound like a lot. But nevertheless, for a dorky, western NC white kid, I’m quite proud of this. Over the weekend, I had my 2000th visitor, so that’s even more of an accomplishment. Congrats to whoever you were. Visible page counters are really old school, but I’m considering adding a small, subtle one anyway, just for my tracking/stats purposes.

However, the thing that disappoints me most is that roughly 75% of you are using Internet Explorer. To all of you, I apologize. Despite my best efforts, my site still looks much nicer in a Mozilla based browser such as my favorite, Firebird. If you’re on broadband, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to download and another 5 to unzip the program to a directory. If you hate pop-ups, it blocks those as well.