I’ve been rather busy lately shufflin' all me different jobs and responsibilities. And hoist the mainsail! Walk the plank! Work at S-W has been rather hectic and I’ve been appreciative that it’s only part-time, and a bottle of rum, ye scurvey dog! I don’t think I could handle 40 hours a week o' this insanity. When not at th' paint store lately, I’ve been contracted by Brandon t' build th' systems fer ESI. Three computers in th' past week, ye scurvey dog! It’s been rather fun spec’in' th' systems out and I’ll have two machines t' assemble tonight with a 3rd on th' way by th' end o' th' week. This is what I want t' be doin' full time. If anyone knows any other businesses in th' Cleveland County area, hook me up!

I’ve been tweakin' on me CSS code a bit tryin' t' get it t' look right on all screen resolutions, to be sure. See th' post below fer more details, I promise I’m workin' on it! Also wrote a lot in th' past few weeks fer GOTC.com, but thankfully Helix is back in town now and pickin' up some o' his slack. ;-)

The best news o' late is me new cell phone. Picked it up from Verizon o'er th' weekend and I have a new number as well. Walk the plank! If ye still have me auld 828-429-xxxx cell number, ye need t' leave a comment so I can give ye th' new one. It’s local t' Shelby now so that should make thin's much more convenient fer me and everyone aroun' here. And hoist the mainsail! The camera is a really cool feature addition from th' past phones I’ve used, but I think voice dialin' is me favorite. And swab the deck! I’m in th' process o' writin' a full out review fer next Tuesday on GOTC.com so be sure and look fer it next week. Initial ratin' though is 4.5 stars out o' 5, and that’s only because I don’t think any product can be perfect.

Another recent aquisition is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 which is very cool, I'll warrant ye. I’ve been experimentin' with a variety o' styles o' planes and flight plans but me inital reaction o' it is excellent as well.

I guess I have t' go t' work now. But I’ll try me best t' update this blog more often. Not t' sound like a whiner, but it would be more motivatin' if I knew ye actually cared whether or not ye had anythign new t' read. Just click th' ‘comments ?’ link ok?