CSS Troubles

I managed t' screw up th' CSS template fer me blog while attemptin' t' improve it and have been too lazy t' fix it yet. The attempt were bein' t' improve th' site’s look and layout fer all o' ye still stuck at 800×600 resolution, which is quite a few by me statistics that I’ve been keepin', avast. SO me apologies are out t' ye and I promise t' fix it this week, maybe even tonight when I’m writin' th' next CSS article fer GOTC, and a bucket o' chum. My goal is t' have th' menu on th' right and th' right margin o' this column o' text be free floatin' so that they will automatically resize and look marvelous on any screen/resolution. It looks really pretty right now at 1280×1024 :)

If anyone has any expertise feel free t' leave a comment or email me and help me out, avast. The CSS template can be viewed here and th' section fer th' menu is called ‘sidebar’ with th' ‘body’ section bein' th' main area o' course.