my goals

As previously noted, I’ve been setting a lot of goals for myself lately. The best of my recollection, this is what I have so far:

Short term (< 12 months) -Better grades at GWU (nothing less than B's) -Be more proficient at programming in PHP -Obtain my A+ certification -Begin work on MCSE and have at least one MCP -Better, more suited employment (see below) - >500 unique hits per week on this site and at

Long term (12 – 24 months)
-Have new business started and making profit
-Design three or more websites for paying customers
- 1000+ Unique hits per week on this site and at
-Mastery of PHP
-Obtain MCSE
-Finish B.S. degree in Business Administration/MIS at GWU
-Possibly obtain BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training)
-Purchase first house

Very long term ( > 24 months)
-Open computer repair shop or office space for “Syntax/Helix Studios”
-Learn another programming language (Perl?)
-Obtain CCNA
-Apply for job with CIA/FBI/NSA

Obviously most of these are career oriented. Also, most of them don’t require something from only me. Helix and I have big plans, and at the moment, I’m dreaming big as far as where this road is taking us. I think this is quite possibly the beginnings of something huge if we take our time and plan properly. It would be awesome to setup an amazing business and have it running itself within 2 years time. I’d love to work with an intelligence agency, either as field agent or even as a network technician inside Langlely or somewhere such as that. Heck, I’d even love to be a C.S.I. if I could get my stomach a little stronger.

Just my ramblings, ideas, wishlist. More for me than you, but at least you have an idea whats going on in my head lately. Now ya know why I’ve been slacking with posting?