I’m up afore than I needed t' be this mornin' thanks t' me wonderful and accurate biological clock (Note sarcasm)! It’s a good thin' though I guess. Our DM is gonna be at th' store today so I’ll be able t' get meself all ready and still make it t' work on time. I just WISH that I would get 5 minutes alone with this lubber and get t' fill that scurvey dog on about a few thin's goin' on. Ahhh….oh well. I’ll tough it out a little longer and make th' best o' it. Gotta go though, me pot o' coffee downstairs is still half full and I’ve only got 30 minutes left t' drink it all!

(NOTE: I’m gonna start makin' use o' th' ACRONYM tag, ye scurvey dog. Anytime ye see an acronym underlined like this hover yer mouse cursor o'er th' word and ye’ll see what it stands fer. Try it out with th' DM above too!)