new look coming

Well, hopefully it won’t be long until things can return to normal around here. I’m working on a new layout for the blog here. I plan on implenting it at the same time the next release of WordPress is released. During this same time frame, I’m also planning on ridding the website of the current home page and having the blog be the main page. The home page is pretty useless anyhow. I had no intention of getting this involved in web design when I first threw that page up. But now it only links to 4 of my 6 sections.

HELP WANTED: I’m looking for a few things from you guys and gals. 1)Ideas-I’m looking to add an element to the site, whatever you think would be cool/fun/useful/goofy. I’m open to almost any ideas. I just need something to help balance out that menu at the top once I eliminate the ‘/home’ button. 2) Writers wanted-If you would like to offer your writing services to we promise to give you full credit and glory in anything you write. Rather than kill myself while Helix is on vacation, why not get some possible articles from our loyal readers and fans. If there is such a thing…

Anywho, if you’re interested in any of the above, email me!