Anonymous Coward

Would the anonymous piece of chicken crap please raise your hand? If you’re gonna be a jerk and leave moronic and childish comments, please have the testicular fortitude to stand behind your remarks. So, with that said, whoever you are at at or around 9:40 tonight, be a man (or woman) and own up to your snide comments. Allow me to at least address your remarks:

1) “Wow, you couldnt have picked any worse music” (I’m sorry that you buy in to what the mainstream music industry shoves down your throat and can’t be original enough to develop your own personal tastes.)
2) “dude your scarin me” (There are other types of movies out there and you should make some sort of attempt at being a more rounded person.)
3) “admit it bud, matrix 2 sucked” (Wow. I understand that The Matrix series is not everyone’s cup of tea, but come on. You have to give the Wachowski brothers some credit for writing a script that obviously went WAY over your little head.)

That being said and the comments being addressed, I do have a sense of humor and I hope that this was all a big joke to see what kind of reaction you could provoke. Otherwise, I hope that within the next few days you find your hard drive making some bizarre clunking noise. But hey, I guess I should look on the bright side right? That’s one more visitor to my website.