busy man

Well I’ve been rather slack with updating lately, and I apologize to all you loyal readers. Thanks so much for bearing with me these couple of weeks while I’m working so hard on GetOffTheComputer.com. Things are really atarting to roll now. There are two-weeks worth of articles online now and we’ve already gotten the next several weeks planned out. There is definitely some good stuff coming. We’re in the middle of two series right now: I’m writing about Themes and such under basics and Helix is covering some great networking stuff in the Advanced section. So head over and check it out.

In other related news, we’re hoping to start explorong some other business ventures in the near future.

Work at S-W has been rather rough lately. More demands from the boss and T has been lazier than ever.I’m getting sick of having to take care of my day tasks as well as having to pickup a lot of his assistant manger duties while still getting paid crap. I’m looking for a full time job, so keep me in mind if any of you hear anything.

Gotta go nap now, my fingers are tired of typing this on the Z…