It’s Alive Dr Frankenstein!

It is finally here. Brandon and I went live tonight with and we’re totally psyched about it. Here is his take on the site:

“These documents are written for every computer user. Sometimes a tutorial will apply to someone who is just starting out, and other times, a tutorial will apply to the most advanced of computer users. It’s my hope that every week, something will apply to everyone. We want to have fun with this, and we have had fun with the first five tutorials that have gone up. We wanted to be informal, and we have been. These aren’t meant to be stuffy “white papers” on how to do things, but informal, informative, humorous writings from a bunch of computer geeks.”

So there you have it. Check it out, bookmark it, and most importantly, pass the link on to all your friends who have email or instant messaging. We need to touch everyone’s life with this site! It will only make your computing life easier. And be sure to email me, leave a comment here, or

Additionally, Helix went live with his own personal site simultaneously today. Click on over and watch his super-cool Flash intro at His photography is excellent and the site itself is really very well done.send us a comment at the website.

Thanks so much everyone!