remote again

Live again from Myrtle Beach. Today was really a lot of fun. Having Billy’s laptop here is proving to be excellent! I’m caught up on my email and most of my other daily reads, so it won’t take me very long at all to get myself back up to geek-speed once I return home. I’m also using the CompactFlash card reader that’s built in to archive all my pics from the digital camera so that I can upload them for your convenience. It has definitely been a pain to connect via dialup, but better than nothing. I’d love for Ocean Lakes to install a FREE WiFi network by the time I come back next year. Heck, I’d even be willing to shell out a few bucks per day for it. I’ve missed my MP3 collection tremendously since I left. I’ll have myself a SecureDigital memory card before my next road trip and will bring along a good chunk of it for playback on the Z.

Bonnie and I went to up towards North Myrtle today and spent a few hours at Barefoot Landing. The larger part of that time was spent going through Alligator Adventure. TONS of alligators, crocodiles, frogs, lizards, snakes, ducks, fish and many many other critters. It was excellent! I’m uploading some of the pics to the Myrtle Beach 2003 Gallery as we “speak.” Pay close attention to Bob, the tail-less gator as well as the ducks with Tarheel Blue bills, very cool!

After we got back, 20-25 of us went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse. Took forever to be seated and the waiter was horrible, but the food was still fantastic once we got it. After our meal we did a little shopping and then came back here for a little golf cart cruising. There’s a really funny pic of my sister and “the girls” on their cart. Look for it when you’re browsing through the pics. The look on Tiffany’s face (girl in the middle) is priceless! To top the night off, we had about 15-20 people over here in our little house and played Family Feud the board game. My team won 3 out of 4 games, but couldn’t ever manage to win the “big money” in the end.

Well, I think that’s enough. I need to finish these pictures so I can get some rest. I’ll be home soon!