beach time

Well, all my preparations are almost complete. So far this morning I’ve managed to: get packed, empty all my trash, put EVERYTHING away that was out of place, organize my office a little better, clean bedroom, vacuum all carpet in apartment and clean the bathroom. All I have left to do is:
1) Wash kitchen counters
2) Sweep/Mop kitchen
3) Empty litter box and refill it
4) Change Dazzle’s water (my betta)
5) Shower
6) Pack bathroom items

I’d like to vacuum and wash the car too before we leave, but with this list I may not have the time. The Zaurus, from here on out referred to as “The Z” is in transit to Sherwin-Williams. I’ll run and pick it up as soon as the UPS driver comes and drops it off. I hope they rememeber to call me!

I plan on writing some while I’m down there. If I get the chance, I wanna post some pictures while I’m there. A friend of mine who is already there took his new laptop so I’ll take my camera’s cable and see what I can do. Here’s the link for the Myrtle Beach 2003 pictures. The gallery is empty now, but as I upload you can see them!

I gotta get going, running behind now….