Just came in from the Alabama Farewell Tour concert in Charlotte. It was amazing! The format was my idea of a dream concert. No opening act, no other musicians involved. It started at 8:00 on the dot, just like it should, with Alabama themselves on stage. No opening act and no intermission entertainment other than yourself or your buddies that you went with. They took about a 10 minute break at 9:30 or so, and then came back and played until almost 11:00. Hit after hit after hit. Just when you thought they had sang all the great songs, another one was blaring. I?ll definitely miss their music once this tour and their careers together is over. Now I just gotta try to get my hands on those tickets for their last show ever in Myrtle Beach. Hopefully my buddy at work is gonna hook me up! Oh what a night?.

UPDATE: They?ll be in Raleigh tomorrow night, so if at all possible, I?d HIGHLY reccommend that you head over to and go see the show!