Good morning everyone. Just thought I would write so there would be something new for everyone to read today. I don’t have to work today or tomorrow so I’m just enjoying the sleeping in and playing with the kitten. Patch is growing like a weed. I think it’s because he eats so much. Oh well, he is finally learning what bedtime is at least. For a while I had to keep him closed out of my room at night because all he wanted to do was play. But now he likes to cuddle up and sleep, at least for a few hours before he wakes up and starts licking me. :-p

So what else is new? hmmm….went to the movies Friday night and saw 2 Fast 2 Furious. I’d write a review but I’m too lazy. Let me just say that it was an awesome movie. If you liked the action and plot line of the original, go see the new one and you won’t be disappointed.

I realized yesterday that the webcam shot hasn’t been updated in about 2 weeks. I’ll try to find somethign entertaining to put on there today and get it refreshed. Later all!