no longer anonymous

So th' kitten will no longer be anonymous. I think I have finally decided on a name. The new name is… drumroll pleeeease….Apache. The ornery cuss’s quite th' affectionate little booger. And hoist the mainsail! Yaaarrrrr! The ornery cuss feels th' need t' sit on me hands while I try and type or perch on me shoulder and watch what I’m doin'. So far he seems t' want t' be a geek. If I’m at th' computer, so is Apache. The ornery cuss’ll either sit on th' top o' th' desk above th' keyboard and lay down or he’ll sit up and watch th' mouse cursor move back and forth. Sometimes he even chases it. I just wish I could make that scurvey dog move th' mouse AND chase it. I’ll try t' get a webcam shot or two o' that scurvey dog perched on th' desk so stay tuned.